Ultrex Deep Fryers

The Ultrex range of deep fat fryers are no longer available. They were originally distributed by Innova Inc. which has since gone out of business. To make matters worse Innova's web site has been taken over by cyber squatters. This unfortunate state of affairs has left many Ultrex deep fat fryer owners high and dry.

Which brings us to this request. If anyone has an instruction manual or any other details on these fryers we would be grateful if you could contact us. We're more than happy to make this information available for free download to anyone who needs it. Thanks for your help.

Ultrex Manuals:
  Ultrex Cool Touch Model 08398 Owner's Manual

In the meantime below is a list of alternative model(s):
As an alternative to the Ultrex 607-922 Deep Flash we recommend the Presto 05462 Digital ProFry.
As an alternative to the Ultrex 416-337 Deep Fryer take a look at the Waring Pro DF100 Pro Cool Touch

Occasionally you might find a few Ultrex deep fryers on e-bay. We check everyday and list any we find below.

ULTREX 3L Cool Touch Deep Fryer Food Cooker Appliance Black NIB

$ 45.99

$ 38.00
Ultrex Cool Touch Mini Deep Fryer ~New~

$ 50.00