General Electric Deep Fat Fryers

Most of the GE range of deep fat fryers have been discontinued. The only GE fryer currently on the market is a 3 liter model sold exclusively at WalMart (model number 169219).

If you were looking for one of the older models, we've compiled a list of alternatives that provide similar features:

For the General Electric 168952 Cool Zone Deep Fryer take a look at the T-Fal-FR7008002-Ultimate-EZ-Clean-Pro.
For the General Electric 106789 Cool Touch Deep Fryer take a look at the DeLonghi D895UX Cool Touch Deep Fat Fryer.
For the General Electric 168997 Cool Touch Deep Fryer take a look at the Presto 05462 ProFry Deep Fat Fryer.

Fryer Thermostat Dean Pitco Anets Imperial American Range Blodgett 8073515

$ 98.99
Ge/Hobart - XNC12X204/351306-7 Fryer Element; 240V 5500W

$ 144.55
Countertop Fryer Single Size: 12 3/4''(H)x 7 1/2''(W)x 17 3/4''(D). GE037

$ 184.00
Countertop Fryer Double Tap Size: 12 3/4''(H)x 14 1/2''(W)x 17 3/4''(D). GE035

$ 317.00
TWIN FRYER BASKET 12-1/8L X 6-3/8W X 5-3/8D for GE/Hobart Prince Castle 261035

$ 45.08
Countertop Fryer Double 240V Size: 17''(H)x 21 3/4''(W)x 17 3/4''(D). GE141

$ 437.00
Countertop Fryer Double 120V Size: 17''(H)x 21 3/4''(W)x 17 3/4''(D). GE036

$ 437.00
Thermostat Fryer RX 200° - 400° American Range Anets Blodgett Frymaster 81329

$ 138.95
SAFETY THERMOSTAT LCH 1/4 X 6-1/2 Cap 30" for GE/Hobart Fryer CK91 CK93 481003

$ 90.83